Concept: Link Board

The Latest from Solved Components:Tiles, Tesselations, and Link Board.

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Problem: Tiles have to be uniform and tessellating.

This one gets a little technical, so I’m gonna go ahead and hand it over to my assistant.

“In mathematics there are many types of tessellating patterns. Board games commonly use regular periodic tessellations, patterns that repeat and use the same shape. Hexagon and Square are the most popular tilings in modern board games, used by such major games as Catan and Carcasonne. Regular periodic tilings are often known as grids (square grids or hex grids) because the are homogenous regardless of scale. Notions of “direction”, “diagonal”, and “orthogonal”. However, asymetric non-periodic tessellations exist as well, and with them their own notions of “directional physics”.”
-Mackenzie Cameron’s Assistant

A simple question: would Risk be as fun played on a grid? I submit that it would not! While Risk might suffer from tedious gameplay, it’s board is actually fascinating in all it’s little…

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