Top 10 Board Game Panels at PAX East 2015

2015 is the year of Board Games at PAX East this year, check out the awesome panels that are scheduled this year on board games and board game design! Make sure to hit them up and check out the massive tabletop area!


3/6 @ 3:30PM Arachnid | Your Game Is Broken: Giving and Getting Useful Feedback

When someone says “Your game is broken,” they can be referring to any part of your game. How can you find out what is broken about your game? What are strategies when running playtests? How do components and art affect feedback? What do you do when someone’s feedback is a whole new game? How do you give usable feedback for a game you don’t like? Join four experienced local tabletop designers for a conversation about getting focused feedback for your game.

3/6 @ 4:30PM Cuttlefish | Do you have what it takes to publish an Indie Board Game

The design! The prototype! Playtesting! The infinite iterations! Hunting for publishers? Kickstarter? Being your own publisher?! Finding an artist…?! Creating your own board game and making it to market is a long quest through a fog of ambiguity. Come join a group of published, indie tabletop game designers and learn how each of their ideas ended up on store shelves!

3/6 @ 6:30PM Arachnid | Birthing Board Games from Conception to Maturity

Ever wonder how designers create great board games? Do you sometimes play a game and think “I could have made this better?” Have an idea for a new game, but don’t know where to start? We’ve been there, too, and it’s time to share our secrets. Drawing on years of experience, four local game designers talk about the creative side of game-making, bringing concepts to full-fledged games. Learn what works, what doesn’t, and get an inside look into our creative processes.

3/6 @ 9:00PM Cuttlefish | Indie Game Designers Modify and Play Werewolf

A selection of game designers sit down to play a round of the social parlor game Werewolf. Each designer will take a traditional werewolf role and introduce their own unique mechanic to the preexisting rule. The altered cards will be displayed, shuffled up, and randomly dealt back out to the designers, who will then play out the modified game. Should time allow afterward, the designers will answer audience questions regarding their modifications.


3/7 @ 4:30PM Cuttlefish | Making a Tabletop Game from Idea to Shelf

How is a tabletop game made? We chat with independent game designers who each discovered what it takes to make a game, from concept to playtest to funding to manufacturing. Join Rob Daviau of IronWall Games, Harry Gao of Warring Kingdom, Kevin Kulp of TimeWatch, and Pauline Okuda Ceraulo of Tabula as they reveal everything you’ve ever wanted to know (and more!) about the tumultuous world of designing board games & RPGs. Moderated by Gamers With Jobs’ Julian Murdoch.

3/7 @ 7:00PM Bobcat | Beer, Booze, and Board Games

We’ve assembled a collection of folks who have made it their living to provide a meeting place for lovers of drink and game. They’re here to talk about creating an identity for themselves, grinding rep with their customer base, and the in’s and out’s of day to day life running a grown up nerd sanctuary. Join Arcadia National Bar, 42 Lounge, and The Cloak and Blaster as they dive into all this and take your questions about booze

3/7 @ 9:00PM Cuttlefish | Good Game, Bad Game: A Panel Game About Game Design.

Come play a terrible, broken panel game with a full group of board game designers and laugh at our awful foibles. Then help us fix it as we discuss what makes a bad game bad, and, more importantly, what makes a good game good. Take a look at the iterative process of game design and learn to avoid the seven deadly sins of game design. Then, hopefully, watch us play a hilarious and awesome game that you helped make!


3/8 @ 11:00AM Condor | Engagement Games and the Power of Play

How can a game become an emergency communication network in Zambia? Or solve youth unemployment in Bhutan? Play can be a powerful force that extends far beyond traditional learning games, persuasive games, or the ever-buzzy trend of “gamification.” Join the design and research team at Emerson College’s Engagement Lab and learn how games can be deployed across a variety of contexts for real world action with real civic, development, and health outcomes.

3/8 @ 12:00PM Cuttlefish | Design RPG’s For Fun and Profit!

Indie design, development, and publishing. We’ll cover how to stay motivated, when to cannibalize your darlings, when you know you’re on to something hot, and how to get it in front of the right people— all without mortgaging your house for a giant print run. We’ve all been there and can give you some pointers. Independent designers and publishers Meguey Baker, D.Vincent Baker, Emily Care Boss, Epidiah Ravachol, Joshua AC Newman, & Paul Czege share their trials, failures, and successes.


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