3D Printing at PAX East 15

Solved Components

You can’t 3D print a convention (yet!), so I went to see one in person this past weekend. PAX East represents the forefront of gaming and gaming technology, or so my assistant tells me.

As such, I was greatly pleased to see a panel of experts discussing the rise of 3D printing in games. The panel consisted of a writer/reporter, an engineer, a games publisher, and two designers/artists.

  • Joseph Flaherty [Wired]
  • Colin Raney [Formlabs]
  • Adam Poots [Cool Mini or Not]
  • Jessica Rosenkrantz [Nervous System]
  • Jesse Louis-Rosenberg [Nervous System]

It was a fascinating discussion, and, since I can find neither hide nor hair of a video online, I am prepared to give you a glimpse of the event through the crystal lens of my mind, and since I remember everything with 100% fidelity it will be as though you had been there yourself.

Accessibility and History
The panel began with a…

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