Board Games at PAX East

Inkbrook Games

PAX East has always been traditionally a convention for digital games. Which is, of course, great, because a game is a game, and who doesn’t love games!

But this year, more than any other year, board games made their presence known. An incursion, one might say, or even perhaps as bold as a invasion.

Cards Against Humanity, claimed a swath of land in the Indie Games section, and brought in about a dozen Indie Board Games.


There were at least a dozen panels on board games on the schedule, and the ones I went to were packed. Including my own panel, which went off magnificently! We’re going to try and make it an annual tradition.

To cap off the amazing weekend, there was the incredibly excellent “Watch the Skies” Mega Game, run by the Mega Game Society. An absolute blast, the game combined the best elements of Model United Nations…

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