A Night of Gaming Curiosities 10/5


Join us for another evening of truly novel gaming. We all love our Settlers of Catan, our Tickets to Ride, and our Carcassonnes, but this event is dedicated to games you wouldn’t ordinarily find elsewhere. Gaming Curiosities that will challenge you, surprise you, move you. If you have a game you’d like to showcase, feel free to reach out to me. We’ll have a Game Slam during the start of the event, and the remainder will be available for open gaming!

The Details
October 5th 6-9
Bocoup – 201 South Street,
Boston, MA 02114

Link: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/a-night-of-gaming-curiosities-and-megagame-playtest-tickets-28020725745


Gaming Curiosities – Games that break the Mould

We all know what a board game is. You sit at a table there’s a board that you play a game on. Unless it’s a card game, which doesn’t need a board but can still feel like a board game. Well . . . and then there is Jenga? Is Jenga a board game? Maybe? Certainly Jenga could be a board game, but maybe it’s more sport than game? We could talk semantics forever, but there are a great many games out there that are like games but are also not like games, let’s call them curiosities. These are games that really challenge the idea of what a game is or can be.

We’re going to try and play them in Boston, Join Us!

Think you have a game that fits the bill not listed below! Let me know in the comments!

Bajjutsu Master – Daniel Solis
Wink Murder – Uncredited
Assassins Ball – Phillip Brady

Train – Brenda Romero
Underground Railroad – Brian Mayer

Escape Room in a Box – Juliana Patel and Ariel Rubin
Witness – Asmodee
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective – Asmodee

Dread – Epidiah Ravachol
Forsooth – Samuel A. Liberty
Fiasco – Jason Morningstar

Sagefight – Daniel Solis
Johann Sebastian Joust – Douglas Wilson
Multiplayer Thumbwar – Jane McGonigal

Larklamp – P. D. Warne
Rhino Hero – Scott Frisco, Steven Strumpf
Aya- Olivier Grégoire, Thibaut Quintens

Strike- Dieter Nüßle
Space Cadets Dice Duel – Geoff Engelstein, Sydney Engelstein
Mord im Arosa – Alessandro Zucchini

Time Stories – Peggy Chassenet, Manuel Rozoy
Arabian Nights – Anthony J. Gallela, Eric Goldberg, Kevin Maroney, Zev Shlasinger
The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen – James Wallis

Gil Hova Designer Event


Last week I had the pleasure of hosting Gil Hova on behalf of the Game Makers Guild at Knight Moves Board Game Cafe.

He took the opportunity to demo his games Bad Medicine (on Kickstarter this month) and Battle Merchants (published through Minion Games). Both fantastic games that are highly recommended. While Gil demo’d his games, GMG designers got the chance to ask him any questions about being a published game designer.


It was particularly interesting hearing how he got Battle Merchants picked up by Minion Games to begin with. He gave some great advice in regards to how to approach publishers, and to be active at conventions and board game events. It was an intimate gathering, but the designers who made it asked some really good questions!IMG_6514.JPG