Gil Hova Designer Event


Last week I had the pleasure of hosting Gil Hova on behalf of the Game Makers Guild at Knight Moves Board Game Cafe.

He took the opportunity to demo his games Bad Medicine (on Kickstarter this month) and Battle Merchants (published through Minion Games). Both fantastic games that are highly recommended. While Gil demo’d his games, GMG designers got the chance to ask him any questions about being a published game designer.


It was particularly interesting hearing how he got Battle Merchants picked up by Minion Games to begin with. He gave some great advice in regards to how to approach publishers, and to be active at conventions and board game events. It was an intimate gathering, but the designers who made it asked some really good questions!IMG_6514.JPG


3D Design: Tolerances for Interlocking Parts

Solved Components


So I’ve taken the first step in digitizing my cyber-ideas into electro-reality! The model above is for Auto Checkers which I have discussed in some detail previously. You can download the model yourself on our Thingiverse page!

Now a 3D printer is a pretty magnificent thing, but it is not perfect (yet) and the things it creates are not exactly to the digital specifications you may have in your model (lazy magic box). This becomes pretty important if you have two things that you want to fit together.

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For the past month or so, I’ve been working on a variety of 3D Printed concepts. I’ve been detailing some of my work and general thoughts on the blog “Solved Components” . On the blog I discuss general applications of 3D printing to game design, and discuss the possibilities for custom fabricated components in their ability to solve game design problems.

PAX Panel– Good Game, Bad Game: An Interactive Look at Interactive Design

Word just came in, I’ll be hosting another Panel at PAX East this year. “Good Game, Bad Game: An Interactive Look at Interactive Design”

You’ll be hearing a bit more as we design the panel, but here is our the basics:

Come play a terrible, broken panel game with a full group of board game designers and laugh at our awful foibles. Then help us fix it as we discuss what makes a bad game bad, and, more importantly, what makes a good game good. Take a look at the iterative process of making games and learn to avoid the seven deadly sins of game design. Then, hopefully, watch us play a hilarious and awesome game that you helped make!

Daily Game Idea


I’ve started a new tumblr called Daily Game Idea, with the basic concept to create an idea for a board game everyday. Some good, some bad, they are all available under the creative commons license, and some of them I might even develop! Board Game Ideas are the spark that gets a designer moving and thinking about a game.

This is one of the moving cogs in the networks I’m constructing for Inkbrook Games, where we’ll take you through the entire design process from start to finish for developing board games.

An idea is hardly ever perfect, but it’s a great place to start.