Killer Croquet


bfigKiller Croquet is a board game project that is currently on hiatus. Killer Croquet was my first attempt at a Kickstarter, with the goal to explore the board game making process in it’s entirety; playtesting, manufacturing quotes, artwork. It made positive waves in board game journalism and was selected for showcase at the Boston Festival of Indie Games.


A Kickstarter attempt was made, and we will be retooling the project for a future attempt at publication. You can check out the full rule book or the print and play files.


“The rules of the game are quite simple and straight forward, as one would suspect being croquet.”

“All in all Killer Croquet is a cute game with a unique premise.”

“Killer Croquet is a different kind of sports game. I like that it offers multiple ways to win, and the choice of croquet is a breath of fresh air in a genre that seems to be getting filled with football/rugby variants.”

“Killer Croquet makes a terrific a filler between your space operas or Mediterranean business venturers.”

“. . . the gameplay is solid, offers good opportunities (and incentives) for interaction, and the theme does a good job of being engaging but not taking itself too seriously.”

“Killer Croquet is a game good for social play or families with kids”

“Killer Croquet comes across as a uniquely designed cross between the futility of staying alive in games like Frag with the chaotic dice nature of games like King of Tokyo.”

“Killer Croquet is a relatively uncomplicated game that hits all of the notes suggested by the title. Providing a robust round of croquet interspersed with instances of deathmatch-level infighting, you’ll need to strategize between actually finishing the course and racking up the kills to inflate your score.”

“Overall, Killer Croquet is a light weight romp through the wickets; a mechanically sound game with an eccentric theme that is refreshing in a time where futuristic football games seem to dominate the sports genre.”

“First impressions are good, it’s certainly a unique theme – a game of croquet with killer consequences – and immediately it was clear that the designer has put a lot of love, fun and enthusiasm into the game.”

“The all-important question – Is it fun? Yes, very much so. . . Overall it’s a game I’d like to play again and I’d love to see a production version of the game.”